The New Education Policy, (NEP), divides the current 10+2 system into a 5+3+3+4 format. This means that :

The first five years of the school, Play, Nursery, KG, Classes 1 and Classes 2 will comprise of the Foundation Stage

The next three years, Classes 3 to Classes 5 will be the Preparatory Stage.

Later three years of Classes 6 to Classes 8 will be Middle Stage

Then lastly four years of Classes 9 to Classes 12 will be the Secondary Stage

The schools will not have any rigid formation of streams of arts, commerce, science, students can take up whichever courses they want.

The government has suggested under the NEP, a reduction of the school curriculum to core subjects with a vocational integration from Class 6 onwards.

According to the new policy, the focus of school reforms will be to develop a scientific temper in students from a young age. The curriculum would integrate 21st-century skills and mathematical thinking. The policy also mandates increasing access for disadvantaged groups, according to the Union government.

The NEP also states that the report card will comprise assessment of the students by both teachers and fellow students. There will be an AI-based assessment of students each year.