Project Power helps connect kids

The American Diabetes Association is hosting a free at-home, after-school experience for children in the age group of seven to thirteen, called “Project Power.”

The aim of this program is three-fold :

1. To educate students and their families who are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

2. To engage the students with their families in interactive physical activities and nutrition education sessions.

3. to connect these children with others like them, to :

a) Reduce feelings of isolation

b) Increase their social skills

c) Improve their confidence

d) Develop Independence in healthy eating

e) Adopt active lifestyles.

“Through a blend of fun activities and wellness education, the program emphasizes ways for children to begin and maintain healthy habits for a lifetime, Led by a trained counsellor, these children meet virtually twice a week and participate in group meetings, fun lessons, physical activities, games and friendly competitions” said Jonell McDonnell, the ADA director of development for Virginia/West Virginia/North Carolina East Territory.

This program being online, students receive a free activity box to help them engage in the activities. Non-digital sessions are also available for those without the proper resources.

A great turnout, with over 600 children have currently registered for this programme.