These days our children are stuck at home with no school and only some online classes. Apart from mental activities, a child also requires some regular physical activity.

Some activities you can do with your child/children and derive a lot of happiness

Are :

You can try a simple jumping up and down in place. Join your child and you jump too. It would be good for you. See who jumps for the longest

Standing up and laughing. Feeling happy with your child. A good ten minutes of this does wonders for you both.

Find silly jokes on the internet and see who can find the best (or worst) one. If your child is not yet the internet searching age, you search and share funny jokes and have a good laugh together

Another suggested way is Home cleaning. Collecting the dried clothes from the washing line, folding laundry and scrubbing dishes is all fun. Cleaning is good for the soul, and the house plush in fun, you are teaching your child a very important trait. This clears the clutter, and renews your mental spirit. If you have more than one child, you could have a small competition by allocating rooms to clean and then judge and give prizes.

Try online dance classes / yoga classes/ cooking classes and join them and have fun

Depending on their age, give your kids a cleaning task. Create a chore board and choose a day of the week to do one activity. For example :

Monday, sweep floors

Tuesday, vacuum the sofa and chairs

Wednesday, clean your bathrooms

Thursday water the plants

Friday Teach your child one dish to prepare and so on.

Saturday Sunday you can give off and let them relax and watch TV, hear music, read books or do whatever they want.

Any activity to get the body moving and give the brain a break should be your goal. Follow the same bed times, the same wake up times, the same meal times and with regular physical activity schedules. Keep working hard and have fun. You’re doing this together as a family and that brings in a lot of happiness.