Delhi allocates 26% to education in its budget

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government has allocated 26% of its state budget to education this year, earmarking Rs 13997 crore in total. This remains higher than most states in the country and yet over the last budget allocation – 23.5% – made by the government.

¬†Finance and education minister Manish Sisodia, while presenting the budget in the assembly on Thursday said the government was working on a “trickle up model” of growth, empowering its workers and teachers to move the economics. To that end, he also announced that the School Management Committee members of its schools will get Rs 5 lakh each as funds to carry out reforms on their own – like small construction or upgrade projects, helping teachers get aids or employing resource persons on their level to help assist their kids – without having to go to the government or the Directorate of education. Currently, all funds for school development are approved and allocated by the DoE.
 Besides this, he also informed that the government wants to install around 1.2 lakh CCTV cameras across its schools Рeach with around 150-200 Рwhich will allow parents to watch their kids through live stream. The government has allocated Rs 175 crore estimates amount to this end. He said the government is also facilitating upgrading of staff rooms and access of tabs to each teacher. He said the taba will help teachers keep a track of the progress of their children and reduce workload that comes with sending updates to the DOE.

Allocating Rs 15 crore to Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights which will carry out ranking of all schools in the capital, he also earmarked Rs 10 crore to conduct self-defences classes for the government school girls. There has also been an impetus for sports activities in Capital, as the government allocated Rs 35 crore to Mission Excellence and Khelo Tarakki Karo schemes for sports excellence. Another Rs 20 crore has been allocated to conduct sportingly events across Delhi.