Back-to-School Crafts for Children

Free Paper Lunch Bag Backpack Back-to-School Craft for Kids

Use these backpacks to help prepare preschoolers and kindergartens for school, send home information about school on the first day of school, store new vocabulary words or spelling words, or as toys for children to pretend play school.

Folding, taping, spacing, and placing things in straight lines are great ways for children to develop their hand-eye coordination.

What you will need:

Different colors of paper

Paper Lunch Bags

Mini Paper Bags

School Glue or Elmer s Rubber Cement

Crayons or Colored Pencils



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How to make a paper backpack:

1. Print out the backpack patterns onto colorful paper and cut them out.

2. Print out the school supplies pattern.

3. Cut the top of regular-sized lunch bags so it is 8″ high. Glue the back pattern to the back of the lunch bag and fold over the flap to the front. Glue the rest of the patterns to the bag as shown in the picture. Glue only the sides and bottom of the front pocket to the bag so that pencil and other things can be placed in the pocket. If you are using the mini paper bags cut the top of the bags so that they are 5 3/4″ high.