The greatest of all services rendered, is that of a Teacher who educates and trains children, to be responsible citizens, who excell in their chosen field. Like a raw pearl in a shell, a teacher polishes this pearl and one day it becomes the jewel in the crown.

A good teacher always plans the lessons for the day, organizing learning materials, interesting and challenging presentations and adopting teaching methods suitable for the children in the class. He / She motivates children to generate interest and participation in classroom activities. A good teacher has the ability to recognize children’s needs and problems.

When a child is comfortable and at ease with the teacher, only then can he / she give their full attention to learning. A good teacher recognizes and appreciates many other types of abilities and leadership qualities in a child and does not only place importance upon academic achievements.

A teacher’s personality affects the students’ strongly. Children gradually adopt their teachers’ ideas. If the teacher is friendly and courteous, he/she stimulates thoughtfulness, helpfulness and consideration in the children. A good learning situation depends largely upon satisfactory interpersonal relationships, and hence the teacher’s personality is very important.

All teachers need to think about what are the students’ feeling. As a teacher, a good way to do this is to look back into their own school years and remember what they went through when they were students. What they liked and what they disliked in their own teachers. If teacher’s priority is to internalise the student’s feelings, he becomes the students idol and role model. Then the teacher can easily with their love, care and understanding, be able to instruct and guide students and inspire them to become successful persons.