Parents, here are 5 ways in which you can improve your child's home tuitions experience

As a parent, have you ever felt that the home tuitions you have started for your child is not showing any positive result? Being a tutor bureau with a database of more than 2000 tutors and a clientele of around 300 students, we conducted a survey to understand how the private tuitions experience for students can improve. What came to light was the role of parents. It is a common misconception that a tutoring experience involves only two players – tutors and students. There is a third rather important player who can make the tutoring experience extremely positive or extremely negative for both the children and the tutors, namely parents.  Through our survey, we established five ways in which parents can aid the tuition process.


1)    Hire the right fit

As a parent, you are most familiar with your child’s needs. More often than not, a child’s academic needs mirror the child’s personality-related needs. If your child has problem paying attention for long and gets distracted easily, this will get reflected in his/her academic work. Similarly, if the child is shy and does not voice his doubts, this will result in him/her not understanding concepts clearly. Therefore, always hire a tutor who you believe fits your child’s personality-related needs as well as his/her academic requirements.


2)    Politeness goes a long way

Often parents believe that paying a tutor for his/her service entitles them to talk critically and rudely. This is an absolutely wrong belief to hold. Paying for a service entitles one to the service, not to the person, and ergo a level of respect must always be maintained. On interviewing our tutors we discovered that tutors deliver more if they are dealing with polite parents, and they deliberately deliver less if the parents are discourteous. By being polite to the tutors, you as parents ensure that your child receives the best the tutor has to offer.


3)    Frequent communication with the tutor is mandatory

Generally, parents only communicate with the tutors during the hiring process, and fail to take frequent feedback from the tutors once tutorials start. This limited communication can hinder your child’s learning, as the tutor needs to be accountable in order to have an incentive to teach well. As parents, make sure you hold weekly meetings with the tutor in order to track the progress of your child as well as to incentivise the tutor to deliver the best.


4)    Sometimes kids provide valuable feedback

It is crucial that your child has a comfortable, healthy and positive working relationship with his/her tutor. And who can be a better judge and analyser of this than your child himself/herself? Make it a point to take feedback of each tuition class from your child.  Don’t just limit your questions to ‘What did you learn today in the class?’.Review further by asking probing questions such as ‘How did your tutor teach you this concept?’, ‘Do you understand everything your tutor explains to you?’,  ‘What is the one improvement you want in your tutors?’ ET al.


5)    If you want value for money, then do value the service

A word of appreciation goes a long way to motivate tutors. If you feel that your tutor is doing a good job, then do give him/her positive feedback and compliment so that they can get motivated to work even better. Often parents, knowing full well that the tutor has been working well, try to bargain the fee down further. For instance, a tutor informed us of an incident where she was doing a good job teaching one child for a certain amount per month, when the parents told her to start teaching the younger child simultaneously without any increase in fee. Asking one tutor to teach two students of different grades at the same monthly feesat the same time slot not only split the tutor’s one-hour attention but also demotivated her. This eventually resulted in both the students barely learning during the tutorials. Therefore, as parents, you must always value the tutor for his/her service and not bargain impractically.


The job of parents is a tough one, even in the tutorial space. The good news however is that tutor bureaus like Bookatutor are here to help make this job easier for you. Simply log on to and let us help you with Point 1 while you work on improving Points 2 to 5, and eventually make your child’s tutorial experience a positive one.