Interesting school supplies that would want you to study more and effectively.

School supplies are an essential part in student's life in order to keep them motivated and excited. When it comes to studying, every student needs a daily dose of inspiration in order to function well. Investing in some innovative, productive and interesting supplies for school will make sure that every student gets inspired and enthusiastic about learning. It will also ensure the holistic and healthy development of the brain. Well, including colors can never go wrong with anything. Here, we have come up with super useful yet fun, quirky things that any student can include in his/her backpack.

1)  A leuchtturm1917

As much as the name sounds difficult, this German notebook brand is bound to woo you with its’ usefulness, amazing design, sturdy pockets, great quality and soft cover. They have come up with a fine diary that caters to every need. For students, they have an amazing collection of bullet journals which can come handy in keeping a track of the important events in a particular school year. A leuchtturm 1917 comes in different sizes and colors. The paper quality that they offer is crafted very carefully and with love. This one product is a must have in every backpack. Let the ideas flow freely and beautifully!

2) Bookmarks

Bookmarks! It sounds so simple, isn’t it? But it can make a lot of difference while studying, we bet. Adding colorful, thought provoking bookmarks every time you finish reading will inspire you to read more and often. You can buy witty, crazy, encouraging, creative ones according to your choice and brownie point, it is not even necessary to purchase them. You can very well D.I.Y and customize them the way you like. To personalize your bookmarks a little bit more, use paperclips and stick your favourite character on it using a firm glue and you are good to go.

3) Highlighters

Highlighters are must haves! You can use them to make significant information in the notebook stand out. Color coding can also work really well while using highlighters. In case you don’t know how color coding works, you just have to use one single color throughout the reading for one single topic and a different color for the other topic. Stick to the rule of 3-4 colors and not more than that. This strategy will make your book look sorted and colorful. Word of caution – read the text first to understand where does the crux lie and then use your highlighters to color only the relevant part. They fail to serve the purpose if you end up highlighting the entire book.  

4) Washi-tapes

Washi tapes are a boon for those who hate boring stuff and love decorating their notebooks or highlighting their bullet journals. They look really interesting if you use them for your school project, display charts etc. Titling is another thing which can be done using these tapes to make your title stand out. It can also be used as bookmarks. They come in different designs, patterns and colors. For boys, many stores offer washi tapes in moustache print which are really fun to use.

5) Staedtler Pens

These are one of a kind yet affordable pens. They come in different colors and tip sizes to suit your needs. Writing with a staedtler pen is a smooth and a budget friendly affair. Staedtler is not limited only to pens. They also have well designed sketch pens, pens for scrapbooking. You name it and they have it! A good pen ensures quality of studying and retaining. We should never underestimate the power of a pen since, “a pen is mightier than a sword”, they say.

We hope that some of these products might have caught your imagination and you must be eager to put your hands on them. Do try them because sometimes a little change in the study routine can bring drastic changes in your performance and efficiency level in the positive direction. They can prove to be quite useful and productive and what’s more, they are especially designed to meet the needs of the students in different age-groups. So, when you are on your next trip to buy school supplies, don’t forget to add these to your checklist. Good luck!