1. Do not Write Everything You Know About a Topic That Has Been Asked

Your answers should always be concise and to the point. Answering only what has been asked.

Do Not write what has not been asked just to increase the length of your answer. 

Remember it is not how much you write but what you write that matters.


2. Use Easy To Understand Words and Language

Always write in a clear simple language that is easy to understand. There is no need to use big big words and complex phrases with advanced vocabulary.

3. Avoid Using Contractions

Never use contractions like can't, shouldn't, won't etc. it is always better to write in full cannot, shall not, will not etc etc.

4. Always Use Passive Voice and Never Active Voice while answering

Never answer in the Active Voice - I completed my test paper on time as told is not correct as it is in the Active Voice
The correct way is in the Passive Voice - My Test Paper was completed on time as instructed.

5. Do Not Use Long Phrases As Far As Possible

Always break down to single words where possible instead of long phrases
For example 
Wrong - It was difficult to get hold of the latest edition
Correct It was difficult to obtain the latest edition.

6. Never Use Spoken English While Writing

While speaking you can say - By Jove What a Delicious Spread !
But while writing you should say - There was a large  variety of eatables