How To Score More Than 90% In Examination: Topper's Study Guide

When you have your exams hovering on your head, anxiety and stress consume more of your crucial time than studies. However, merely paying more attention to studies is also not going to solve the purpose. There is something more that makes somebody a topper material and not others. You will have to take care of a lot many things to get the best out of yourself and make your studying effective.

Some time proven formulas along with your personal study mantra can help you gain an edge over the others for your test. Add some spice to the old mix of studies and you will have a perfect recipe for high scores! So, what exactly are those things?

It is said that ‘time is of great essence’! So, if you can manage your time well, you have solved half the problem. What you do and when you do, matters! Since time plays such an important role, we will prepare a schedule for you according to the time left for your exam.

A. One month before exam:

1) Music: Listen to music when you study, it will make the long hours of sitting more pleasant. Avoid the music which would make you sing along and distract you from your core job and you will see that at the end of the day, you have got more work done as compared to your usual days. As weird as it may sound, try this and thank us later.

2) Breaks: For every 25 minutes of studies, take a five minutes of break and after 100 such minutes, take a 15 minutes of break. Breaking down your study hours will increase your concentration and keep you fresh. Refreshed mind is what you need for better understanding and retention.

3) Distraction: Regulate your use of social media. Use any of the restriction apps available over internet. They will block specific sites for the scheduled time, so that you can study without being disturbed by the notifications of your social media account.

4) Change of scenery: When you learn the same thing at two different places, you seem to remember 20% more of what you would retain when you study at same place. So change your location every once in a while when you revise things. Do keep in mind to avoid the comfortable furniture like bean bag, couches, etc for obvious reasons of dozing off.

B. One day before test:

1) Eat protein: Your brain communicates using amino acid which is obtained from protein. Having protein rich food a day before will help you be more alert and also keep you full so you can concentrate more on studies and less on food.

2) Make a check-list: Keep a check-list of the things you would need during the exam. Being well-prepared will keep you more confident and you will worry less about forgetting something.

3) Don’t cram: Trust us, cramming things at the last moment is of no use at all. Revise what you already know rather than panicking and touching new topics of study. It would be better if you stay confident and give your brain a good rest before going for exam. Solve a question or two and just test your learning before the dreaded day.

4) Have a good sleep: This is something that everyone tells you but you do not follow. Sleep increases alertness, reduces stress, improves mood, and boosts memory. So it is better to have a good night’s sleep before going for exam.

C. On the day of examination:

1) Chew gum: A new age trick but quite scientific, gum acts as a stimulator and chewing it increases your accuracy and reaction time. Sugar content is not of importance so take your pick and chew gum before exam.

2) Stand and sit straight: Stand straight before test for as long as you can and also sit straight while giving test. Doing this will make you feel more confident, in control of your senses and less anxious.

3) Have sugar: Eat something with sugar content to jump start your day and in between breaks. Your brain works off glucose, so small bite size candies might come in handy. You must avoid chocolates because the fat will prevent glucose boost.

4) Breathing: Relax yourself by taking long and deep breaths. This will work on your para-sympathetic nervous system. Instead of taking 15 breaths in a minute, try taking 6, this will relax your nerves like anything and loosen them up.

You are no less than others and never think so. A slight modification in your study schedule and adopting these smart tricks can enormously benefit you and bring you in the top league. Toppers don’t have a magic wand! They just know the best techniques and practices that makes them stand apart. Be smart and study hard! Wish you all the luck.