All about procrastination and tips on how to prevent it

Just as you start doing your work, something else crops up and you have to delay your work. Sounds familiar, right? Procrastination is a problem identified in nearly 20% of the people in the world.

First of all, it is important to know what procrastination is. Well, in simple words, it means ‘the action of delaying or postponing something’. Often, it is confused with laziness but it is not synonymous with laziness, it is just the gap between ‘Intent’ and ‘Action’. Laziness lacks in ‘intent’ but in procrastination, the intent to do the work is present but the person is not able to act upon it due to various reasons. Unlike the lazybones, the procrastinator intends to complete the task under consideration and moreover, eventually does complete it, albeit at a higher cost to himself.

There are 5 types of Procrastinators:

1) The dare-devil: These people love the thrill of having to do the work at the last moment.

2) The worrying squad: They worry so much that their fear prevents them from completing the task beforehand.

3) The time optimist: These people always look at time differently, keeping themselves under the illusion that they have plenty of time left to complete the work

4) The overthinkers: These people consider themselves as idealists and thus procrastinate due to over-thinking about everything.

5) The busy bee: These people always run out of time and always push the non-priority tasks to a side to complete more important matters.

Now that you know what all kind of procrastinators are there and the difference between lazy ones and procrastinators, find out in which category do you fall and be honest to yourself!

After this, follow the following points to prevent procrastination:

1) Determine the cause: Find out what is causing the delay or what prevents you from completing the work on time. It may be latest technology like smartphones, social media or disturbance due to people around you. This will help you to take action against such causes.


2) Break-down the task: If the task looks humongous or intimidating to you and you think that you will not be able to complete it on time then break it down into small sequential parts and try to complete one part at a time.


3) Keep a track of time: This will help you to identify where you wasted your time which you could have otherwise utilised to get some work done. It will also prevent further wastage of time in the same manner.


4) Encourage yourself: Give yourself some pep-talk and list out the motivating factors in your life. This will keep you on track and keep you motivated.



5) Reward yourself: Reward yourself for all the goals achieved and equally important is to punish yourself on failure too. This will reinforce good behaviour and keep you disciplined.


So, now that you know various ways to prevent procrastination, I hope it would do you some good if you actually start to execute these measures in your life. They will not only save you from paying the extra price, that you do, while procrastinating but will also help you to be stress free and happy. Isn’t that what everybody wants the most?