5 Ways to Have Fun While You Study

The term “study” is usually associated with an activity of disinterest, monotony, procrastination and something which a kid rarely does voluntarily. The longest hours of the day are those that are spent while studying, ask any student and they will instantly agree to it without any second thoughts. No matter in how comfortable environment you are or how good your time management is, you cannot deny the fact that studies become boring after a while, even if it one of your favorite subjects. The tables are never inviting if the meals served on them don’t go with your taste. Why students are always up for games and not for studies explains a lot about their psychology that goes behind it.

Studying should not be felt like a burden on you, but it should be a fun task of learning new things and gaining knowledge. Tables can be turned and the mundane task can be made a fun thing by bringing in a few changes in the way you do it. Here are a few:

1. Listen to Music

The key that makes this tip work for you is to figure out what kind of music makes you concentrate better. To know if this technique is for you or not, you must try it. Find out the kind of music that will help you focus just on your work, it can be anything from classical to EDM, whatever serves the purpose. According to our expert tutors, this can either work brilliantly or a student might spend a lot of time selecting the right playlist. If it clicks with you, it will definitely be the best thing because it will bring in better results with your increased efficiency.


2. Changing the Environment

Studying at the same place, with the same view for really long time can bring in the boredom and a clogged brain. This makes one restless very easily and one really wants to escape from the place and space they are in. Studying in a different room, or if possible, going in the open air on the terrace or in the garden can help as per our experienced tutors from Delhi.



3. Bring Stationery to the Rescue

Working with the same cliched blue pen and white paper makes notes so dull that many of us don’t want to even pick them up for revision. Then what is the purpose of notes? If you have faced this, then colorful pens and fun and quirky notepad is your solution. Try making your notes in the fancy ink or on the paper you will love to read from. This will make your notes look beautiful and you will love to study from them time and again.



4. Study with a Friend

Yes, we agree that studying with a friend can turn into everything except studies, but you have to be disciplined in order to get the most out of it. You can discuss difficult concepts, exchange notes and motivate each other in the learning process. Tutors from all over the country agree that a friend can help you achieve the results which a teacher fails to do because there is an emotional connect, comfort and freedom with the friend. Let your study hours help you make progress in your academic results and your friendship too.


5. Challenge Yourself

You are your own competitor. The best way to outperform yourself is to put forward challenges and when you beat them, treat yourself. Challenges can vary depending on the subject and intensity but rewarding here is really important. Avoid materialistic stuff as rewards but rather gift yourself an activity that makes you feel relaxed and happy after a hard study session.


Studies are not always entertaining but they can be made into one with a little effort from your side. If you will ask your tutors, they will agree to the fact that you can’t give your 100% if you are not enjoying the task you are performing. Enjoy what you do and soon you will be loving that!