4 Ways to Cope with Exam Pressure

The day the datesheet for examinations is announced, one thing that unfortunately follows is the dreadfulness, the anxiety, the unrest, and the pressure to perform. These feelings shared commonly by toppers as well as those who struggle just to complete the race. Exam stress is inevitable and a very natural phenomenon to go through. A little pressure is desirable because it motivates you to work hard and excel, and brings out the best in you to prepare you for the worst. But when the persistent tension becomes an impediment in your learning and growth, it becomes a cause for worry as it can pave way for concentration issues, loss of appetite, lower self-belief and other such problems. You can overcome these adversities with a few, simple modifications in your daily routine and can come out with the flying colours you always yearned for. Save your dwindling ship by incorporating these tips in your schedule and let your marks do the talking.


1.  Manage your time well

When it’s exam time, all talks centrearound completing the huge syllabus in the given time. Time is perceived as a constraint but if it’s managed well, you can definitely emerge victorious. The key is to start preparing for the exams not from the time they are announced but way before that. According to our expert home tutors, keeping your notes complete, accurate and in order is the first step towards that. The best tutors feel that studying just a day before exams leaves you puzzled, even if it is an easy subject. Also, just revise what you already know instead of overloading your brain with all the new stuff before the day of the exam.



2. Take regular breaks

Never study for long hours at a stretch. Your mind wears out. Taking regular breaks for food and water is very important to keep yourself rejuvenated and energized. Also, many home tutors ask their students to take 10-15 minutes break after every 2 hours of regular study for a small walk, short conversation or soothing music. This freshens up the student and they are able to concentrate better.






3. Stay healthy

“In a healthy body, resides a healthy mind”, is what we are always told. If you will ask for an advice from the best tutors in India, they will all instruct you to eat healthy, stay hydrated, do some exercise and have enough sleep. Encompassing these habitswill relax your mind and will increase your memorizing capabilities.






4. Reward yourself

It is not only important but essential to encourage yourself by celebrating your little achievements. It can be as simple as having a chocolate, extending your 15 minutes break to 20 minutes and watching your favorite sitcom when you have finished something before your target time. It has become a fad that many tutors in Delhi, Mumbai and other cities take their students on a day out to celebrate the end of their exams. These small measures go a long way in giving students the much needed push for their holistic development. Exams are an important part of life but your life does not end there.This is something every parent and student should understand. All our tutors from across the country would request all the parents to not stresstheir kids out with undue pressure. Children want to perform.Putting them through exaggerated stress just hampers their performance.


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