12 Standard make the correct Choice

After passing class 12 , a child needs to make a right career choice. Parents influence greatly in the career development of a child.

One school of thought is that since every parent wants to see his child well settled in life, they should be allowed to decide whats best for their child. On the other hand, the other school of thought says that children should be given the right to choose their career path and live their own dreams.

Admission time being round the corner, this is a crucial period for most students.

It is always better that parents and children both decide together on the best career to pursue. Children can get information about the latest trends while parents can get their practial experience to the table to make a joint decision. Parents and Children must understand that the course and career should be selected based on ones inherent strengths and abilities. Career decision is one of the most important decisions that one has to make in their life and a wrong decision can mar one's life. These decisions should not be based on the academic grades, on what others are saying and the common stereotypes and trends of society.


Select your courses wisely.

& Good Luck For Your College Admissions